Minichess Kenya is delighted to have organized the 2nd Chess Masters for Africa Tour, sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and the Paul Allen Foundation. The 5 day event was led by International Master Rodwel Makoto of Zimbabwe from 8th to 12th April. A total of 12 trainees benefited from the vast experience, knowledge and prowess of IM Makoto, starting with an 8hour session on 8th and 9th at Lotos Inn. On Monday four of the trainees trained students from the …. chess center in Nairobi under the supervision and guidance of IM Makoto. On Tuesday the next four trainees of CMAT II proceeded to New Dawn Academy in Mukuru kwa Reuben, Nairobi and the last group trained on Wednesday at the ….
The newly trained trainers will start their official training assignments when schools open for the second term in May. Minichess Kenya has identified partnered with 4 schools that will benefit from CMAT II.
The following are the trainees from the second CMAT:
• Victor Hongo
• Josephat Owila
• Erick Oyugi
• Titus Mwangi
• Evelynn Gichuru
• Boniface Kathurima
• James Kangaru
• Robert Omwenga
• Morel Omondi
• Mulindi Trevor
• Lucy Wanjiru
• Georgina Omoke

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