Winners of the competition hold up their trophies 🙂

The Invisible Crown Performing Arts School hosted their inaugural junior chess tournament on the 16th of September with an impressive turnout of 90 participants. The event was organized in partnership with Minichess Kenya as the technical partner. At the end of the competition Wadhia Krish, Alando Mark, Laurecia Minage, Shah Hetansh, Petra Ayal emerged champions of the under 18, under 13 boys, under 13 girls, under 10 boys and under 10 girls categories respectively.

The prizes were awarded by Joy Wanja, the Engagement Director of Invisible Crown Performing Arts Center.

Below is a list of all winners the winners.

Under 18 Boys

Wadhia Krish, best boy, U18

Name Position Points
Wadhia Krish 1 5
Wainaina Eugene 2 4
Mbage Duane 3 2


Under 13 Boys

Alando Mark, best boy, U13

Name Position Points
Alando Mark 1 5
Githaiga Reuben 2 5
Atiagaga, Edagidza Aristone 3 4


Under 13 Girls

Laurecia Minage, best girl, U13

Name Position Points
Laurecia Minage Atiagaga 1 4
Wanjiru Cassie 2 4
Rao Ananya Praveenkumar 3 3


Under 8 Boys

Hetansh Shah, best boy, U8

Name Position Points
Shah Hetansh 1 5
Mutiso Mumo 2 4.5
Kibe Mukira Neville Jabali 3 4


Under 8 Girls

Petra Ayal, best girl, U8

Name Position Points
Petra Ayal 1 4
Kagondu Ayana 2 3
Orawo Aryannah 3 3


The final standings for the categories can be found here:

Under 8

Under 13

Under 18

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